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Contacts for LTER-Europe

Secretariatsecretariat @ (European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology c/o UNESCO International Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences, 3 Tylna Str., 90-364 Lodz, Poland)

Chair: Michael Mirtl (Environment Agency Austria, EAA),
michael.mirtl @

Vice-Chairs: Stefan Klotz (UFZ, Germany), stefan.klotz @; Martin Forsius (SYKE, Finland), martin.forsius @; Kinga Krauze (ERCE IIPAS, Poland), kingak @; Ulf Grandin (SLU, Sweden), ulf.grandin @

Web manager: Andrew Sier (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology), arjs @

DEIMS database enquiries: Johannes Peterseil (EAA, Austria), johannes.peterseil @; David Blankman (Israel), dblankman1 @

Executive Committee (EC)



National Networks Representatives (NNR) and deputies

(formal member country names in boldothers: under construction)


The LTER-Europe Contacts Database is currently available for LTER-Europe members:


An international LTER contacts directory is managed by the US-LTER, though some entries may be out of date:


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