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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

eLTER H2020 project files

Folder for files relating to the eLTER H2020 project
eLTER H2020 project: TA sites brochure
Small brochure describing the eLTER Transnational Access sites. Produced September 2015 by A. Sier and A. Pugnetti
eLTER H2020 project: TA sites brochure A4
Brochure formatted as A4 pages
eLTER H2020 project flyer
A general flyer (A4, 2 sided) about the eLTER H2020 project
eLTER H2020 project: D01.1Horizon scanning
A horizon scanning was conducted to identify emerging research questions that environmental scientists think need to be considered for future ecosystem research infrastructure development and to prioritize them in a collaborative way.
eLTER H2020 project: D01.2 Methodology development and preliminary assessment of eLTER performance
To create a framework for assessing the performance of the infrastructure, the development of an appropriate methodology is mandatory. In this deliverable the proposed methodology is described and a preliminary performance assessment is conducted
eLTER H2020 project: D02.1 Ecosystem Research Infrastructure
Analysis of the state of art on ecosystem research infrastructures including Critical Zone Observatories and Long Term Socio-Ecological Research platforms in Europe
eLTER H2020 project: Table for D2.1 - ecosystem RIs
An overview of European ecosystem research infrastructures
eLTER H2020 project: D3.1 - eLTER data integration. State of the art and requirements
The basis for the development of the common architecture for the implementation of the eLTER Information System, which is described in the report D8.1 Architecture design
eLTER H2020 project: eLTER IT architecture
Lays out the basic components of the IT infrastructure that will be built to support data management, integration and dissemination across the eLTER network
eLTER H2020 project: D6.1 - eLTER Mobility Scheme
The rationale and plan for the eLTER H2020 project mobility scheme