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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

Jordan LTER

About Jordan LTER

Jordan Long-Term Ecosystem Research Network was established during 2009-2010 and now comprises of a multidisciplinary group of researchers from various universities and NGOs. It is the first network of its kind in the whole Arab World, and one of very few in the world focusing its research on arid ecosystems.

One large site (platform) was selected where both socio-economic and ecological research is being conducted. This platform includes Aqaba and Wadi Araba (SAWA).

The main theme of LTER is to carry out long-term, site-specific ecological and social research. Long-term research and monitoring is the best way to obtain precise data about causes and consequences of environmental change. Scientists and various stakeholders, including managers and decision makers, will benefit from this network as they will have direct access to research results. In addition to research, the LTER network in Jordan will have a strong educational component by spreading ecological awareness and prepare a generation of ecologists and researchers. (LTER mission).

The Jordan LTER network is currently working under LTER-Europe and is preparing to become a full member of the International Long Term Ecological Research (ILTER).


Map of sites