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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

Netherlands (LTER NL)

Description of the developing Dutch national LTER network

Current status: emerging national network

LTER Netherlands, a unique, new Dutch network for Long-Term Ecosystem Research, is currently being developed from scratch with WaLTER as starting point. Goal is to join the international umbrella organisations ILTER and LTER-Europe.

Our ambition is to form a new LTER-Europe task force for the Wadden Sea area in Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark.

In the first design the Dutch Wadden Sea area is covered with one LTSER platform (a region for long-term socio-economic and ecological research) and several LTER subsites, where long-term ecosystem research is conducted. It is investigated which sites should be selected as LTER-sites.

For details see the WaLTER website.

Map of sites

A map will be added soon.