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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

LTER Slovakia

  •  LTER Slovakia (under construction)

LTER Slovakia is a national network for co-operation of scientists, scientific organizations and stakeholders in long-term ecological research. Our mission is to provide the research community, policy makers and society with sound scientific information, predictive understanding of ecological and socio-economic processes and inform solutions to current and future environmental problems.
Slovakia was invited to join the international LTER programme (ILTER) in 1995, becomes its member and till 2007, LTER Slovakia cooperated especially with national networks of surrounding countries in the regional ILTER network for Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2007, LTER Slovakia is member of LTER Europe and its recent development is closely linked with the progress of LTER Europe.

The most recent national network profile (mindmap, biomes, site categories, site number development) is available as PDF here.

Information about sites (Table as PDF): LTER Slovakia


Mind map


Mindmap Slovakia




Map of sites