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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

LTER Italy

Since 1995, the idea of an Italian network of long term ecological research sites (LTER-Italy) as been considered,  at the 7th Congress of the Italian Society of Ecology in Naples in 1996 it became a reality. At the end of the 1990s, a core group of scientists interested in the initiative set it up and this was the real start of the Network implementation. Through communication issues, selection criteria and activities, several other researchers and scientists became involved from public Agencies, Universities and research Institutes they spread information about the initiative and searched for suitable research sites. Favourable conditions for the start up of the Network were available thanks to the international Project ALTER-Net (A Long–Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network; and the National Forest Service – Conecofor Office (Corpo Forestale dello Stato – Ufficio Conecofor), the Italian partner of the project. CONECOFOR have been involved in the LTER–Italy Network since the very beginning. In November 2004, National Forest Service organized a Conference in Rome, inviting researchers interested in long-term research and others involved in the implementation of the network. During the Conference, a Network Agreement was officially signed among the participants setting the goal of implementing the Italian Network. More ...

The most recent national network profile (mindmap, biomes, site categories, site number development) is available as PDF here.

Information about sites (Table as PDF): LTER Italy

Mind map


Mindmap Italy


Map of sites