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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

LTER - Slovenia


 LTER Slovenia website

In order to pool resources in Slovenia in the field of socio-ecological research, and to promote international networking, we have inaugurated the LTER-Slovenija project. This is a group of several institutions with support from the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia.

Our mission in brief is

  • To be the main coordinating body for networked socio-ecological research in Slovenia, which entails both running our own research program and coordinating our research with partners abroad.
  • Establishment of a network of sites to allow Slovenian scientists to address ecological issues on broad spatial and temporal scales in an interdisciplinary way.
  • Corollary: To understand the role of biological diversity in ecosystem processes and in the provision of services to the biosphere, including humans.
  • Create a legacy of well-designed and documented experiments and observations for future generations of society.
The most recent national network profile (mindmap, biomes, site categories, site number development) is available as PDF here.

Information about sites (Table as PDF): will be available soon


Mind map

Slovenian network

 Map of sites