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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

LTER inspires climate change art

A new media artist has worked with LTER scientists in the UK to create a unique web-based art work exploring climate-driven environmental change
LTER inspires climate change art

An image from 'As Seasons Change' by Lorraine Berry

The UK's LTER network, the Environmental Change Network was a founding member of a project called Climate Change Explorer, which aimed to combine the arts and science to raise awareness of climate change.  As part of the project, ECN commissioned a new media artist - Lorraine Berry - to produce a web-based creative work which drew upon ECN data and knowledge concerning climate change. 

Lorraine's work - launched earlier this year - and entitled 'As Seasons Change', takes the form of an interactive 'book'.  'As Seasons Change' combines fractal images and 'sonifications' of real datasets to explore the impact of climate change on the natural world. For example, the piece contains long-term global temperature data from the UK Met Office's Hadley Centre, converted to sound, creating an emotional 'sound of climate change'. There are similar sonifications of data from the ECN network.

The piece was launched last year, and has been visited by people around the world. An image from the work was accepted for the Common Ground 2008 International Touring exhibition. In addition, the sound piece 'Photosynthesis' also from the 'As Seasons Change' web piece was accepted for the Subtle Technologies 2008 Festival in Toronto.

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