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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

LTSER Platforms

LTSER Platforms

Increasing awareness that traditional ecological research on the site-level, focusing on primary production, population ecology, biogeochemical cycles, organic matter dynamics, disturbances and biodiversity does no longer suffice the pressing knowledge needs under global change and escalating human pressures, led to the conclusion that the scale of “ecosystems” investigated by LTER should be expanded to bigger socio-ecological systems. This requires a new type of LTER facilities in the sense of hot spot regions where data access across sectors, a maximum number of habitat specific LTER on the site level, the structured involvement of local decision makers, stakeholders and the public as well as inter-disciplinary research teams enable the investigation of the entire socio-ecological system. A network of such LTSER platforms is being implemented across Europe´s main Socio-Ecological Regions (SER) to enable the division of tasks with in the European research area.

Main areas of interest of LTSER are:

  • the drivers of environmental change
  • the adaptive capacity of socio-ecological systems
  • thresholds to ecosystem resilience
  • security of delivery of goods and services
  • interfaces between research, policy, and technology


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