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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

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LTER-Europe flyer
General information flyer
LTER-Europe best practice guidelines
Provides examples of how selected LTER-Europe member networks have approached different procedures necessary to establish and maintain an LTER network. Procedures include: building local support for a new network, establishing an agreement between partners, applying for membership of LTER-Europe/ILTER, establishing a network's organisational structure, creating a web presence, developing site and LTSER platform criteria, selecting sites and platforms, managing sites and platforms, managing data, a structure for LTER-Europe.
ILTER strategic plan
Vision, mission, goals and strategies of ILTER (International Long-Term Ecological Research Network) - August 2006
I3035v12 - LTER-Europe Bylaws (December 2008)
Passed by the LTER-Europe CC at the 6th LTER Europe NNRC, 4th December 2008, Palma de Majorca, Spain
I3034v02 - LTER-Europe Criteria
Criteria for LTER-Europe networks, sites and LTSER platforms. Version 5.2, 2008-05-27
I3034v01 - LTER-Europe Criteria
Criteria for networks, sites and platforms (January 2008)