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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

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I3069v01 - Reporting form for National Networks
A spreadsheet providing a reporting form for National Networks. Use this to update details of your national network for the LTER-Europe InfoBase (database of sites and networks).
I3066v51 - Memo concerning Expert Panels
A memo by Michael Mirtl explaining the proposed purpose, structure, etc. of LTER-Europe expert panels
I3066v04 - LTER-Europe website: technical report, November 2008
A short report by Andrew Sier providing some notes about the establishment and current status of this LTER-Europe website. Intended mainly for internal use.
I3066v03 - Draft LTER public communication strategy
A draft public communication strategy providing a framework for strengthening and integrating public communication activities of LTER sites and networks. Prepared by Andrew Sier as part of the ALTER-Net project (WP I4)
I3066v01 - Final Agenda of LTER-Europe Conference, Majorca, Dec 2008
The final agenda (programme) of the 6th LTER-Europe conference, which took place in Palma, Majorca from 1-5 December 2008
I3059v01 - Time plan of actions for national networks, 2008-2009
A PDF version of a spreadsheet showing tasks that national networks are encouraged to undertake in support of LTER-Europe, indicating when they should be done
I3058v16-21 - Flipcharts and posters [6 files, zipped together]
Photos of flipcharts and posters used during the meeting. This is a large zip file. You will need WinZip or another compatible programme to decompress the file.
I3058v14 - LTER-Europe Regional Group Meeting Minutes
Final minutes of the LTER-Europe meeting that took place as part of the ILTER annual conference, stara Lesna, Slovakia, August 2008
I3058v13 - Minutes, LTER-Europe meeting, Slovakia, 2008
Minutes of the LTER-Europe regional meeting, Slovakia, 2008
I3058v12 - LTER-Europe Regional Group Meeting: final agenda
Final agenda for LTER-Europe meeting in Slovakia
I3058v12 - Agenda, LTER-Europe meeting, Slovakia, 2008
Final agenda of the LTER-Europe regional group meeting, Slovakia, 2008
I3058v11 - Participants, LTER-Europe meeting, Slovakia, 2008
People who attended the LTER-Europe regional meeting in Slovakia, August 2008
I3058v10 - List of files: LTER-Europe meeting, Slovakia, 2008
List of all files (documents) in this area
I3058v09 - LTER-Europe – procedural & (infra-) structural achievements and challenges
Where LTER is now - structure and sites and the future.
I3058v06 - LT(S)ER Romania -Management plan proposal - Convergence of the National LTSER and European structures
A management plan for the LTSER site and a brief explanation of the network's structure.
I3058v05 - LIFE+ call for proposal 2007
A brief explanation of the above
I3058v04 - DivEurope - a project proposal for funding LTER-Europe biodiversity activities under Reg. (EC) n. 614/2007 LIFE+
A description of the Reg. (EC) n. 614/2007 LIFE+L’Instrument Financiarie pur l’Environment and the project proposal
I3058v03 - LTER- Europe - Draft Logos
A series of draft logos for the project
I3058v02 - LTER Europe – the next generation of ecosystem research
A guide through European Long-Term Ecological Research Networks, Sites and Processes” The aim is also to present the most outstanding achievements of the European network, national LTERs, LTSER platforms and LTER sites to the scientific community, policy and the broader audience.
I3058v01 - LTER-Europe – interim check before the big endspurt...
LTER- Europe - from concept to current status