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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

Background documents

Background documents for the conference
I3036v04 - Standard observations
Draft list of standard observations for LTER sites
I3041v18 - Results of 2nd SSC Workshop - Presentation by M. Mirtl
Presentation by Michael Mirtle presenting the results of the second European LTER-Eiurope Scientific Site Coordinators (SSC) Workshop (Donana, January 2008). Covers ideas for standard observations, and also the agreed structure for future SSC meetings.
I3059v01 - Time plan of actions for national networks, 2008-2009
A PDF version of a spreadsheet showing tasks that national networks are encouraged to undertake in support of LTER-Europe, indicating when they should be done
I3066v01 - Final Agenda of LTER-Europe Conference, Majorca, Dec 2008
The final agenda (programme) of the 6th LTER-Europe conference, which took place in Palma, Majorca from 1-5 December 2008
I3066v03 - Draft LTER public communication strategy
A draft public communication strategy providing a framework for strengthening and integrating public communication activities of LTER sites and networks. Prepared by Andrew Sier as part of the ALTER-Net project (WP I4)
I3066v04 - LTER-Europe website: technical report, November 2008
A short report by Andrew Sier providing some notes about the establishment and current status of this LTER-Europe website. Intended mainly for internal use.
I3066v51 - Memo concerning Expert Panels
A memo by Michael Mirtl explaining the proposed purpose, structure, etc. of LTER-Europe expert panels
I3069v01 - Reporting form for National Networks
A spreadsheet providing a reporting form for National Networks. Use this to update details of your national network for the LTER-Europe InfoBase (database of sites and networks).