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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

Minutes, etc.

Protocols, minutes, results, participants
I3058v12 - Agenda, LTER-Europe meeting, Slovakia, 2008
Final agenda of the LTER-Europe regional group meeting, Slovakia, 2008
I3058v13 - Minutes, LTER-Europe meeting, Slovakia, 2008
Minutes of the LTER-Europe regional meeting, Slovakia, 2008
I3058v11 - Participants, LTER-Europe meeting, Slovakia, 2008
People who attended the LTER-Europe regional meeting in Slovakia, August 2008
I3059v01 - Time Plan 2008-2009
Time plan for LTER-Europe activities in 2008-09, presented at meeting in Slovakia, 2008
I3058v14 - LTER-Europe Regional Group Meeting Minutes
Final minutes of the LTER-Europe meeting that took place as part of the ILTER annual conference, stara Lesna, Slovakia, August 2008