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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe


Manuals for eMoris and InfoBase; installation files and data base for InfoBase
eMORIS Handbook
eMoris is the query tool for InfoBase and the web client of the information system MORIS. A quick user guide is included.
eMORIS Quick user guide
Quick user guide for eMORIS, the query tool for InfoBase data
InfoBase Handbook
How to use the metadata entering tool InfoBase (installation, managing data)
InfoBase Field description
Meta data fields and structure of the tables
InfoBase Program
Zipped installation file for version 1.3.1
InfoBase Data
Zipped most recent data base file
InfoBase Data
InfoBase Data file version 2010-02-25
InfoBase Data 2010-03-11
InfoBase Database File - Status 2010-03-11 (sorting of fields was changed to the version 2010-02-15)
LTER InfoBase Excel Input 2010-03-11
Data input based on MS Excel - data can be imported to the LTER InfoBase database
20100312-LTER-InfoBase-InputFile (Excel)
Fields with (invisible) white letters changed to black color
InfoBase 2010-05-21
InfoBase Data file version 2010-05-21; correction of the EnvZone error
InfoBase Data (2010-05-26)
InfoBase Data version 2010-05-26
InfoBase Field description
Meta data fields and structure of the tables (version 2010-05-26)
20100922-LTER-InfoBase-InputFile.xls (Excel)
Site Type Legend changed, according to request.
Site documentation levels in the LTER InfoBase
DEIMS Site list image
snapshot of the DEIMS site list page