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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe


Papers, reports and other publications from LTER-Europe or its members. Content placed here is accessible from the References section of the website (public access) unless sharing access is restricted.
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From LTER to LTSER ...
From LTER to LTSER: Conceptualizing the socioeconomic dimension of long-term socioecological research
Towards an understanding of long-term ...
Towards an understanding of long-term ecosystem dynamics by merging socio-economic and environmental research criteria for long-term socio-ecological research sites selection
Conceptualising long-term socio-ecological research ...
Conceptualising long-term socio-ecological research (LTSER): Integrating socio-economic dimensions into long-term ecological research
Climate change impacts: evidence from ECN sites
Sier, A.R.J. and Scott, W.A. (eds.) 2008. Climate change impacts: evidence from ECN sites. 26pp. Lancaster, UK. Available as a single PDF, or as separate PDF files from the ECN website:
I3092v02 - Communicating long-term change
Sier, A. (2008). Communicating long-term change: A strategy for making best use of LTER information and knowledge in public communication of environmental issues. Strategy prepared for ALTER-Net and LTER-Europe.