Advance_eLTER project

About the Advance_eLTER H2020 project

Advancing eLTER towards ESFRI

Advance_eLTER marked a crucial step in building the Integrated European Long-Term Ecosystem, Critical Zone & Socio-Ecological Research Infrastructure (eLTER RI). The research infrastructure aims to provide highest quality data and services, complementing and extending that provided by existing European and global environmental RIs.

The project (Jan-Dec 2017) conducted important conceptual work and preparatory steps towards enabling European-scale investigation of the “Critical Zone”, major ecosystems and socio-ecological systems, targeted at supporting knowledge-based decision making concerning ecosystem services and biodiversity.

Following the eLTER ESFRI proposal submitted by Germany in March 2015, eLTER was designated an ‘Emerging’ ESFRI RI. The reviewers noted the 'high' to 'very high' scientific value and necessity of eLTER.
 The objectives of Advance_eLTER were firmly anchored to the strategic long-term goals of the eLTER RI, but focussed on the challenges identified by the ESFRI review.

Advance_eLTER cooperated closely with other LTER-related processes and projects, leading to a second eLTER RI proposal that was submitted to ESFRI in August 2017. As a result, eLTER RI is on the ESFRI 2018 Roadmap.