About the objectives of the Advance_eLTER project

The overall objective of Advance_eLTER was to provide important components of a distributed European Research Infrastructure (RI) enabling long-term European-scale investigation of the “Critical Zone”, major ecosystems and socio-ecological systems, targeted at supporting knowledge-based decision making at various levels concerning ecosystem services and biodiversity.

The main activities were as follows (Work Package numbers are indicated):

  • Detailed design study (WP1), including an in-depth analysis of the scientific questions driving the eLTER RI physical site network design and instrumentation

  • Prioritisation of eLTER services for key user groups (WP2), and a plan for eLTER RI services at all service provider levels (central, cross-site, individual site)
  • Cost analysis and Business plan, for the future eLTER RI operation (WP3)
  • Organisational framework of eLTER RI (WP4), comprising the development of a robust governance scheme, enabling shareholder negotiations and identifying the most suitable legal framework
  • Consulting, communication and team-building (WP5), advancing the national eLTER ESFRI processes, specifying the role of eLTER in the environmental RI landscape and developing staff capacity for the eLTER ESFRI process.