About how Advance_eLTER is organised

Work Packages

There were five main Work Packages (WP) in the project, plus a Project Management WP. the five principle WPs were connected as shown below. See here for more details of the Work Packages.



Project administration

The project consortium comprised 28 partners from 25 European countries. For practical purposes, much of the work was carried out by a small Core Team of WP leaders and task leaders. The Core Team coordinated inputs (expertise, information, feedback, etc.) from the wider consortium. The three levels of partner engagement were:

  1. Core Team: Beneficiaries who were responsible for the project deliverables and take leadership in the eLTER ESFRI process. The Core Team included staff from the following organisations: UFZ, EEA, UHEL, FZJ, NERC-CEH and CNRS.
  2. Strengthening and enhancing the eLTER ESFRI Core Team: Beneficiaries who provided selected individuals dedicated to the eLTER ESFRI process.
  3. National partner input: Nationally coordinating beneficiaries responsible for concerted input from the countries represented in the project.


The official coordinating partner was UFZ (Germany), but the project was led by Michael Mirtl (chair or LTER-Europe) of EAA (Austria).