Work Packages

About Advance_eLTER's Work Packages

The Advance_eLTER project comprised six Work Packages:


1 Design study UFZ
2 Service design and planning NERC-CEH
3 Financial sustainability UH
4 eLTER RI governance and organisation UH
5 Consulting, communication and team-building EAA
6 Project Management UFZ


The Work Packages in detail

WP1: Design study

WP1 provided a detailed design study of the eLTER physical infrastructure (sites and platforms), clarifying site categories and site selection criteria.

Main activities:

  • Analysing research questions of key scientific user groups as the conceptual basis for the eLTER RI design
  • Providing the basis for and developing the technical design plan (construction, development, implementation) of eLTER RI physical site network and central facilities


WP2: Service design and planning

WP2 established eLTER RI service concepts and developed the design and plannig of the eLTER service offerings, such as access to research sites, provision of data and tools, training and capacity buiding.

Main activities:

  • Developing the concept for eLTER RI services for their multiple use and prioritisation
  • Plan for development, testing and running of eLTER RI services in all concept areas and at service provider levels (i.e. site/platform, cross-site, central).


WP3: Financial sustainability

WP3 developed a long-term sustainability plan for the the eLTER RI and ensured that shareholders (actual and potential funders of the eLTER RI) were informed and agreed upon key features.

Main activities:

  • Develop a Business plan to analyse the landscape, to focus on key points to develop, and to prepare for emerging problems and opportunities
  • Estimate the past investments and operational costs in the existing eLTER RI components, and the planned costs of future eLTER RI central operations


WP4: eLTER RI governance and organisation

The focus of WP4 was to understand the challenges associated with managing a distributed research infrastructure and to progress towards establishing long-term governance of the RI, with strong involvement from funding agencies, operating institutes and user communities.

Main activities:

  • Plan for an efficient and smooth transition from preparation and construction to operational governance
  • Develop a robust governance scheme to respond to the challenges of a distributed RI and to enable shareholder negotiations for the implementation and operation of the eLTER RI
  • Develop Human Resources strategy

WP5: Consulting, communication and team-building

WP5 grouped various communication and consulting activities necessary to develop the eLTER RI design and organisational framework. This WP was the main interface between the Advance_eLTER project team and external stakeholders, including infrastructure providers, user groups and shareholders.

Main activities:

  1. Advancing the national eLTER ESFRI planning and decision making processes
  2. Further specifying the functional and strategic role of eLTER in the environmental RI landscape including division of tasks and handover points with related RIs
  3. Staff capacity development to the level required for the eLTER ESFRI process


WP6: Project Management

This WP took care of essential project management, in accordance with tried and tested project management procedures. It aimed to ensure the project delivered on time and within budget.