The purpose of the Integrated Model Platform is to provide European Long Term Ecosystem Research (eLTER) with tools to calculate a holistic, coherent and continuous set of states, fluxes and parameters of the interacting compartments (soil, vegetation, groundwater, lower atmosphere) of the terrestrial ecosystem.

It should help ecosystem researchers, and in particular site PIs, with specific information, to select a suitable model to calculate states and fluxes of the different interacting compartments of the terrestrial system at their research site. A short overview of the different models is given, tables provide an overview of the required input and output variables, and link to model manuals and detailed examples are provided.

In a later stage it is planned, in the context of the eLTER-initiative, to combine these models with measured data from the eLTER-infrastructure using data assimilation methods, to provide: (i) gap-filled datasets at eLTER-sites; (b) trends of ecosystem variables over time at both eLTER-sites and other locations; (c) continental coverages of ecosystem states over, for example, the last 50 years; (d) verification and conditioning information for Earth System Models.