Coupled heat and mass transfer model for the soil-plant-atmosphere system

The CoupModel has been developed to represent a platform with a number of models that could be linked together. For each application the user of the model can select different modules and how they should be linked. In the next step appropriate input to run the model has to be specified based on the choice of modules. The modules include water, heat, tracers, chloride, nitrogen and carbon of any terrestrial ecosystem including soil, plant and atmosphere components. The spatial distribution is lumped or distributed to any used defined scale. Temporal resolution is from minutes to some 100-years. The platform allows the user to specify inputs as (1) forcing time series, (2) simple predefined patterns of variation by parameter functions or (3) dynamic parameters that could change value at specified dates during the simulation. Output variables from simulations can be compared with any independent measurement either as time series or as a single value. The performance is expressed as conventional statistical indicator or as log likelihood sums. Simulations are made as single runs to represent a unique input or as a multiple series of simulations based on random or systematic sampling of parameter values. Parameters can also represent an object that is a collection of different parameters to represent one certain system (for instance a soil profile). Two possible approaches: Bayesian or generalized likelihood uncertainty estimation (GLUE) may be used for calibration. The former is using a Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method to sample among parameter values based on predefined error parameters for estimation of log likelihoods.


Licence: Open source

Operating system(s): Windows

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