General software packages for simulating water, heat, and solute movement

HYDRUS-1D and HYDRUS (2D/3D) are a general software packages for simulating water, heat, and solute movement in one-, two-, and three- dimensional variably saturated porous media. The software package consists of the computation computer program, and the interactive graphics-based user interface. HYDRUS numerically solves the Richards equation for saturated-unsaturated water flow and the convection dispersion equation for heat and solute transport. The flow equation incorporates sink terms to account for water uptake by plant roots. The heat transport equation considers transport due to conduction and convection with flowing water. The solute transport equations consider convective-dispersive transport in the liquid phase, as well as diffusion in the gaseous phase. HYDRUS can handle flow regions delineated by irregular boundaries.  The flow region may be composed of non-uniform soils having an arbitrary degree of local anisotropy. Flow and transport can occur in the vertical plane, the horizontal plane,  a three-dimensional  region exhibiting  radial symmetry about the vertical axis, or fully three-dimensional domain.

Website: https://www.pc-progress.com/en/Default.aspx

Licence: Open source (HYDRUS 1D), commercial (HYDRUS 2D/3D)

Operating System(s): Windows, Linux (only without GUI)

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