12 Kiskun LTER ExDRain field experiment (HU)


eLTER TA site

  • Dominant ecosystem: Pannonian sand grassland
  • Access: 110 km from Budapest. The site operators, MTA OK, offer travel between the site and Budapest
  • DEIMS site code: LTER_EU_HU_012

The site is a highly equipped climate change experiment for studying the separate and interactive effects of a single extreme drought and chronic (multi-year) manipulation of precipitation (drought and water addition). Scientific focus: We study (a) vegetation composition and net primary productivity, (b) fine-scale plant species assembly, (c) plant quantitative anatomy, (d) litter decomposition, (e) soil arthropod diversity, (f) nematode diversity, (g) fungal diversity, (h) plant root biomass and activity, (i) decomposition and net ecosystem exchange.


MTA Centre for Ecological Research (MTA-OK)
Mail icon from Elegant Themes György Kröel-Dulay, kroel-dulay.gyorgy@okologia.mta.hu


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eLTER H2020 project