13 LTER Negev (IL)


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  • Dominant ecosystem: Deserts and xeric shrublands
  • Access: 100 km from Ben Gurion Airport and Tel Aviv. Access all year round
  • DEIMS site code: LTER_EU_IL_005

LTER Negev is composed of five LTER sites (Shaked, Lehavim, Migda, Shagririm, and Yatir) and the area between them. It is a semi-arid climatic zone and it includes semi-arid scrubland, dry-land agriculture, planted forests of various densities, as well as various settled areas. Scientific focus: The site was established for studying the structure and function of the dryland ecosystems, including the social dimension, in order to understand the socioecological system of the Negev. Main study topics are: structure, function and management of water limited ecosystems, multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing methods over dry-land ecosystems, geo-hydro-ecological issues in dry-lands, agro-ecosystems in dry-lands, trade-offs among water use, carbon sequestration, and radiation budgets, social-ecological interactions on the environment and promoting the integration of social science research into LTSER.


Ben Gurion University (BGU)
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