14 Engure Ornithological Research Centre (LV)


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  • Dominant ecosystem: Boreonemoral zone habitat complex (wetlands, forests, coastal dunes, agricultural lands)
  • Access: 100 km from Riga. Access all year round, but preferably from May to September
  • DEIMS site code: LTER_EU_LV_001

Lake Engure drainage area includes the lake, which is a remnant of the Litorina Sea formed about 4000 years ago, and the Lake Engure Nature Park, the Ramsar site including unique inland and marine wetlands. Most of the drainage area is covered by pine forests, but large areas of marshlands, meadows, deciduous forests, dunes and agricultural lands are also present. The site serves as a model for investigating the functioning of the socio-ecological system of a boreonemoral zone under moderate anthropogenic pressure. Scientific focus: The field station supports ornithological, hydrobiological, botanical and entomological investigations and monitoring. Since 2004 the EORC serves as a support base for long-term socio-ecological research in the Engure LTSER ecoregion. Long-term ornithological studies have been carried out since 1958. Long-term studies of vegetation and insects within 12 habitat types ranging from dry oligotrophic forests to marshlands were started in 1995.


University of Latvia, Institute of Biology (LUBI-IBUL)
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