16 Braila Islands LTSER (RO)


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  • Dominant ecosystem: Large river; wetlands; agricultural area
  • Access: Located in the city of Braila. All year round access by boat and car
  • DEIMS site code: LTER_EU_RO_006

The LTSER platform is composed of a complex research facility located in the city of Braila, a series of distributed field monitoring and research stations and a complete automated real time measurement station. The facility located on the Danube River also has a research vessel and a research pontoon. Other components are developed at the headquarters in Bucharest to support different research activities. Scientific focus: Large scale studies of ecological systems focusing on population/species, compartments (primary producers, consumers, and decomposers), complex ecosystems (landscapes/waterscapes), and integration of socio-economic research data and monitoring. Socio-ecological analysis started almost 15 years ago, as a link between research and monitoring activities with scenarios for sustainable development.


University of Bucharest/Research Centre in Systems Ecology and Sustainability (UNIBUC)
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