18 ICTS-Doñana (ES)


eLTER TA site

  • Dominant ecosystem: Flooded marshlands, active sand dunes, temporal ponds and Mediterranean shrublands and woodlands
  • Access: Access all year round by 4WD car
  • DEIMS site code: LTER_EU_ES_001

A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, a Ramsar Site and a Natural World Heritage Site. It includes the largest wetland in Western Europe and a large dune ecosystem with its respective shoreline and representative terrestrial plant communities. The area is home to many species, including the Iberian lynx and the Imperial eagle. The marshland plays a critical role as a stopover, breeding and wintering point for thousands of European, Iberian and African birds. Scientific focus: Long-Term Ecological Monitoring focusses on threatened species and uses a multi-scale approach. Conservation objectives include the preservation of critically endangered species, the abundance of waterfowl, and the protection of Mediterranean wetlands and terrestrial ecosystems. Data are collected on vegetation, threatened flora, limnology, mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles.


Estación Biológica de Doñana-CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) (CSIC)
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