Accepted TA projects

The following projected were accepted for inclusion in the eLTER H2020 Transnational Access scheme

1st Call (launched February 2016)

37 proposals submitted, 23 accepted, 3 multi-site projects

 Map of projects: Where did their research take them?


Project acronymTitleSite(s) visited
AGCCMA Aging and growth under a changing climate - a study case on Mediterranean amphibians Doñana (Spain)
Bog-iN-stress Plant community change and physiological stress in response to nitrogen deposition: a field fumigation experiment on a Scottish peat bog Burnsmuir (UK)
BRACE Background Reflectance ACross Europe Kindla (Sweden)
Montado (Portugal)
Zöbelboden (Austria)
CaveGIS GIS for Monitoring of Postojna-Planina Cave System Postojna (Slovenia)
COSMOSfullWaterBalance Combining cosmic-ray soil moisture observing system with remotely sensed phenology as a non-invasive method to estimate the full water balance Negev (Israel)
Cyanopigments Quantification and specification of cyanobacteria in recent and sub-recent lake sediments using pigment analyses Lago Maggiore (Italy)
DEHYSP Drainage Effects on HYdrological Self-regulation of Peatlands Hyytiälä (Finland)
DIPT-FRU Influence of climatic conditions on the occurrence of selected Diptera taxa in Fruška Gora mountain, Serbia Fruška Gora (Serbia)
DLTD Disentangling long-term drivers of change in a flagship European lake Lago Maggiore (Italy)
DRYOP Assessing the impact of dryness on harvestmen (Opiliones) from Montado (Portugal) Montado (Portugal)
EcoHyD@Negev Testing the sensitivity of vegetation to grazing pressure in the Negev through eco-hydrological modelling Negev (Israel)
FreshConRMO Incorporating barriers in freshwater conservation planning: first tests in the Rhine-Main-Observatory LTER Rhein-Main Observatory (Germany)
H&M Hyporheic zone monitoring via ERT time-lapse measurements Siptenfelde (Germany)
HONO-NO-N2O Emissions of HONO-NO-N2O and its ratio from different ecosystems in UK Burnsmuir (UK)
Cairngorms (UK)
iSES-cork Global change effects on the interaction strength of social-ecological systems: the case of Portuguese cork oak woodlands Montado (Portugal)
MaSDi The role of matrix species on the community diversity and structure in the context of altered climate conditions Kiskun (Hungary)
MDDE Mite Diversity in a Desert Ecosystem Negev (Israel)
MycoWhim Impact of nitrogen deposition on nutrient cycling and carbon sink via mycorrhizal fungi in a nutrient-poor peatland Burnsmuir (UK)
RAPLWIN Raptors’ pray life under wing of habitat change Doñana (Spain)
SPACESHIPS Scaling up PlAnt Community rESponses to habitat Heterogeneity In Peatlands: a Subcontinental study Hyytiälä (Finland)
Kindla (Sweden)
SRR Experimental measurement of dung removal rate by Scarabaeoidea dung beetles in different grassland systems Montado (Portugal)
TASER Transition to Socio-Ecological Research – Assessment and Characterization Braila (Romania)
Cairngorms (UK)
Doñana (Spain)
VFC Validation of footprint and calibration approaches on soil moisture estimates by cosmic-ray neutrons for various types of land use Siptenfelde (Germany)

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