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Long-Term Ecosystem Research sites and socio-ecological research platforms support a wide range of research. Here, we present some of that research, along with the highs (many!) and lows (some!) of working in the field. We are grateful to the authors of these blog posts, who are all Transnational Access site users and managers.

Have you conducted research at a European LTER site? Or are you a site manager? If so and you would like blog about your LTER experience, please contact our web manager.

Blogs from the field


Person icon Santa Nemaine (University of Helsinki & University of Latvia)



Stephanie Reiter Stephanie Reiter (Potsdam University, Germany)

  • Stephanie visited the Negev desert in September 2016 to investigate soil moisture in the dry soils of the Negev, Israel. Read blog...



Shabnam Faharani Shabnam G. Farahani (Belarus National Academy of Science)

  • Shabnam visited the Braila Islands LTSER in Romania to study the seston (the organisms and non-living matter that swim or float in a water body) of the Danube river Read blog...



Vojkan Gavojić Vojkan Gavojić (University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia)

  • Vojkan worked within the Postojna-Planina cave system in Slovenia to consolidate the wide array of data collected in the cave so the data can be presented through a Geographic Information System (GIS). Read blog...



Heikki Kiheri Heikki Kiheri (Natural Resources Institute, Finland)

  • Heikki and his colleagues visited Whim Bog in Scotland to investigate how soil fungi respond to increases in atmospheric nitrogen deposition, and what this might mean for carbon stocks.  Read blog...



Melanie Batista Melanie Batista (Universidade de Lisboa)

  • Whilst visiting the Whim Bog site in Scotland to study the effects of nitrogen deposition on plants, Melanie also learned about the effects of the Scottish midge on people! Read blog...



Dusanka K Dušanka Krašić (Biosense Institute, Serbia)



Jan Pisek Jan Pisek (Tartu Observatory, Estonia)

  • Jan blogs about his research visit to Kindla, Sweden, where's he's made radiometry measurements among the blueberries. Read blog...



Laura Busato Laura Busato (University of Padova, Italy)



Jen Holzer Jen Holzer (Technion Socio-Ecological Research Group, Haifa, Israel)


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