3rd Global Forum on Urban Resilience & Adaptation

In only two editions in 2010 and 2011, the Resilient Cities series has asserted its position as a milestone event in the field of urban resilience and climate adaptation. Gathering over 500 participants and over 30 endorsing partners from diverse geographical and professional backgrounds, Resilient Cities unmistakably stands out.
When 11 May, 2012 11:00 PM to
14 May, 2012 11:00 PM
Where Bonn, Germany
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While cities make efforts to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and increase urban energy-efficiency, they are at the same time vulnerable. Climate change is already leading to an increased frequency of extreme weather events bringing floods, landslides and droughts while melting glaciers threaten the drinking water supply of large cities and sea-level rise imperils many coastal communities.

Many of these climate change impacts will be – and in some cases already have been – felt directly at the local level. Local governments have a responsibility to protect their people, property, and resources. With the economies, livelihoods, safety and character of their communities at stake, cities are harnessing their visionary leadership and policy tools to increase resilience as they prepare for the future.


Special focus for Resilient Cities 2012

Debates at Resilient Cities 2012 will be articulated around the following main themes:

  • Urban Risk: local government leaders, representatives of the insurance community, construction companies and civil engineers will address the issue of urban infrastructure as a key element in building resilient cities.
  • Resilient Integrated Urban Design: Water, Food security and Biodiversity: Cities are complex urban systems in which these different sectors are interconnected. Come and learn about how these sectors can be optimally related to build a resilient city.
  • Resilient Urban Renewable Energy: The degree of resilience of urban areas and the way a city is provided with energy are strongly intertwined. Discover how a clear link between the local renewables agenda and energy security and safety of urban areas can be ensured.
  • Resilient Urban Logistics: A sustainable urban transportation system is a key element for the development of a sustainable and resilient city. Ecomobility (moving people) and Ecologistics (moving goods) should be ensured and promoted through innovative and eco-friendly projects. Resilient Cities 2012 will showcase good examples of ecomobility and ecologistics.
  • Financing the Resilient City: Initiated during Resilient Cities 2011, the debate will offer answers on how climate financing for adaptation can be mobilized, leveraged and innovated for the local level.
  • Resilient Cities 2012 will also host a session on global sustainable infrastructure finance in partnership with Global Energy Basel

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