The International conference "SPATIAL ECOLOGY and CONSERVATION"

The conference will bring together an international field of ecological scientists, practitioners and conservationists to review, discuss and evaluate the latest advances in spatial ecology and associated technologies, and how these can best be deployed to underpin conservation. Current gaps and future needs will also be identified, and a range of potential solutions discussed.
When 04 Sep, 2011 11:40 PM to
06 Sep, 2011 11:40 PM
Where Birmingham, UK
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Attendees Academics & researchers: new sources of data; new analyses and software; integrating your research within the conservation framework; developing and enhancing ecological theory; building partnerships and networks.
Conservation practitioners and consultants: new sources of ecological information; new tools for species and landscape planning; new insights in using spatial ecological data to underpin, prioritise and evaluate conservation actions; communication and public awareness; building links with the research community.
Government agencies and authorities: utilising spatial data within statutory frameworks; developing the evidence base to support policy development and evaluation.
Students: enhancing understanding of the role of research in conservation; new analysis and software; new research methods; building networks within the conservation community.
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Spatial data and their analysis underpin a wide range of conservation actions. The relationship between ecological data, analysis and conservation are shown in the diagram below, and the three conference themes have been selected to highlight the links between these elements.

Theme 1: Generating ecological data

An overview of the latest advances and opportunities in obtaining and accessing ecological data. The theme will include both methodological and technical developments, with a focus on spatial aspects of species and habitat monitoring,  new satellite and other remotely sensed data,  new GIS software and  freeware, animal location and tracking methods, and locating spatial data on websites.

Theme 2: Undertaking spatial analysis

A review of advances in methods and techniques for analysing ecological data. This will include new statistical and modelling approaches applicable to habitat suitability modelling, change analysis, habitat classification, ecosystem service evaluation, biodiversity hotspots and other prioritisation processes, and population dynamics.

Theme 3: Using spatial analyses for conservation

Best practice examples of how spatial data are being used to underpin and evaluate conservation action, management, policy and strategy. This will include recommendations for new approaches, and discussion of associated issues (see diagram below).

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Abstracts should be sent as a text document by Friday 6th May 2011

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