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Fuzzy cognitive mapping was one of the tools used and evaluated in ALTER-Net in the context of integrated conservation management. Although the tool itself is relatively easy to apply the analysis and visualization of the resulting models was cumbersome. Therefore an easy to use software tool based on Excel was developed by Martin Wildenberg and Michael Bachhofer. To promote the use of the tool and to inform about FCM as participatory modeling tool a website (www.FCMappers.net) was launched.

Beside making the FCM analysis tool FCMapper available, the site also provides resources about FCM and related approaches like network analysis, bayesian networks etc. the overall aim being to promote inter- and transdiciplinary tools and approaches.

It is designed in a way that will make it easy for other users to post comments, projects or to engage in discussions. The vision would be to get people who are either already using or want to start using FCM enagaged in exchanging information and so to further develop the methodology. 

Another feature (not implemented yet) is a gallery of maps. As FCMs provide a visual representation of complex problems we would like to develop ways of presenting FCMs on the web in an appealing way.


Currently the side and the whole software project is run without money and institutional support - so progress sometimes slows down due to shortages in time and manpower.

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