School photo quiz

As part of a school visit to CEH Lancaster, Amy Goodwin, a degree student working with the UK ECN (LTER) network ran an excellent photo quiz, which was both fun and engaging.


  • LTER network: ECN, UK
  • Format: 'TV game show'-style quiz for school students
  • Target audience(s): school students
  • Costs: negligible
  • Contact: Andy Sier,



At one of our ECN sites (Moor House in the North Pennine hills), we have set up some cameras which take photos day and night when triggered by movement, e.g. from a passing animal. We have generated a huge set of images. In some the animal is very easy to spot and identify, but other images are more challenging to interpret. In order to demonstrate how the cameras are used for research, and some of the challenges of photo interpretation, Amy ran a simple quiz, using a TV game show format. The format could easily be adapted.

Here is the 'recipe':

  1. Take 15-20 students (we worked with 16-17 yr olds but it could work with other age groups)
  2. Put them in a large room with a computer and projector
  3. Divide them into groups of 3-5 and give each group something that makes a loud noise (a bell, hooter or buzzer)
  4. Set up a scoreboard and ask a good-looking assistant (or, as in our case, me!) to keep the score
  5. Explain what the teams need to do (in our case, buzz or hoot if they can identify the animal in the picture). Get the teams ready, then display the first image on the screen
  6. At this point your room should be filled with buzzing and hooting and hand going up in the air! Hopefully you can award the first point
  7. Explain some interesting fact about the animal (after all, it is supposed to be educational as well as fun!)
  8. Keep going with ever challenging images. Throw in some bonus questions
  9. At the end, add up the scores and - if you are feeling generous - award a prize
  10. Congratulate everyone on how well they did.


When we tried this it was good fun, everyone took part willingly and I am sure the students learned from it.

- Andy Sier, CEH Lancaster & UK ECN

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