Working plan with milestones and deliverables

Activities and needs in the short term perspective (2009-2010) are

    • Further improve the meta information on the network
    • The ALTER-Net information centre with it’s database of LTER facilities will be the central and most current reference for ecosystem research infrastructures in Europe.
    • The tools developed by ALTER-Net I will be adapted, if necessary, and kept operational so that information on the network of sites and platforms can be accessed on-line.
    • The LTER-Europe database will be used as basis for updates in the WEB presentation
    • The LTER-Europe database will also be the source for central updates of other databases to avoid double and triple efforts by the units operating the facilities (many ALTER partners)
    • Set up the details of the expert panel on information management and the communication structures
    • Develop a concept for the further work to be done on the data integration framework including the ontology work set up in ALTER-Net


Activities and needs in a long term perspective (2011-2015)

    • Support the scopes 1-4 and tasks listed above including the communication with other IM relevant initiatives on the European (INSPIRE, SEIS, LifeWatch) and global (US LTER, ILTER, GEOSS, TDWG) level.


Rough estimate of required staff time

    • 2 person months/year for basic support of the metadata updating and transfer procedures (excluding software development and software maintenance)
    • 2 person months/year for the management of the expert panel and the further development of the concepts (e.g. adaptation and expansion of data architectures, extenal contacts, cooperation with other networks)
    • 1 person month/year in each national network (in total across all facilities) for contributing to LTER-Europe information management (updates of metainformation and metadata on the respective network and its facilities, Expert Panel, meetings, update on and contribution to concepts, coordination)

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