Working plan with milestones and deliverables



  1. Facilitate exchange of documents on LTSER concepts, approaches and methodologies through the use of webspace (47 votes) LEAD: MARTIN WILDERBERG, LEON BRAAT, SIMRON SINGH, EEVA FURMAN
  2. Provide support to LTSER related activities in individual countries (28 votes) LEAD: JACQUES BAUDRY, CARMEN POSTOLACHE, ANGELIKA NEUNER
  3. Support trainings to LTER site and LTSER platform managers upon request (e.g. one in February 2009, Czech) (27 votes) LEAD: SIMRON SINGH, RICARDO DIAZ-DELGADO
  4. Build close link to ALTER-Net II interdisciplinary research activities and enhance joint learning (15 votes) LEAD: EEVA FURMAN, MICHAEL MIRTL
  5. Contribute to the LTER-Europe science strategy (15 votes) LEAD: KINGA KRAUZE

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