Purpose and scope

The rationale and goals of the Expert Panel

Key objectives


  • Conceptual: To gain a common and firm understanding on the concept of LTSER platforms (in relation to LTER sites) and its establisment criteria
  • Methodological: To develop and agree on relevant integrated monitoring / evaluation indicators, and stakeholder engagement tools and processes
  • Strategic and educational: To engage in strategic promotion of the LTSER concept among the various stakeholders, broaden the community and raise awareness
  • Processual: To establish a working and communication structure, roles and responsibilties to allow for a smooth functioning and promotion of the LTSER platforms


Tasks to meet the objective

  1. Facilitate exchange of documents on LTSER concepts, approaches and methodologies through the use of webspace
  2. Support trainings to LTER site and LTSER platform managers upon request (e.g. one in February 2009, Czech)
  3. Build close link to ALTER-Net II interdisciplinary research activities and enhance joint learning
  4. Organise 1-day meetings with LTSER focus in all LTER-Europe conferences to review progress, identify challenges and opportunties and arrive at strategic decisions
  5. Build links to stakeholder networks at various scales such as to policy makers, public representatives, key user groups, conservation managers for effective networking / lobbying
  6. Propose recommendations and lobby for support among policy makers in support of LTSER goals, activities and infrastructural needs
  7. Develop strategic approaches to conservation and sustainable development in LTSERs
  8. Contribute to the LTER-Europe science strategy
  9. Provide support to LTSER related activities in individual countries such as by:
  • Sharing of information on recent scientific developments around LTSER and to collect experiences at the ground level for reflection and analysis (joint learning and sharing)
  • Linking European LTSERs to LTSERs beyond Europe 
  • Share existing methodologies and examples of good practices



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