Definition of the Sumava Group

Organisation of the Group - Members: In the first place participants from the Workshop in Sumava, Feb. 2008. The group is although extendable to all Platform-Managers within LTER-Europe and the ones to be - Network: All platforms are part of the network LTER-Europe. Thus, we do not need to officially establish a network within the network in order to function as a network. - LTSER Expert Panel - Taking part in/giving input to/dropping requirements with the LTSER Expert Panel - Representative(s) from this group should be on the expert panel - Communication: using the WEB Site of LTER Europe and other LTER-Europe infrastructure - Funding: finding and procuring money (mainly for arranging WS at the moment) itself; with support from the LTER-Europe network (letter of support, content,..) Common Goals (NOTE! those are not goals for each platform (e.g. enhancing sustainable regional development by providing basic knowledge and recommendations) but for this group!) - Providing best examples and support for the establishment and further development of future platforms; skill sharing among the group members - development of common research questions for (useful) Pan-European comparisons - generation of knowledge out of/in regards to trans- and interdisciplinary processes - agreement on a conceptual model which ought to be used (for comparable results) in all platforms - agreement or contribution to the discussion on key indicators for LTSER research - collective research proposals on European level (FP, ESF,....) (for the above research questions)

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