Setting up a Research Framework
Deconchat et al. (2007): How to Set Up a Research Framework to Analyze Social–Ecological Interactive Processes in a Rural Landscape, in: E&S
Towards an integrated model of socioeconomic biodiversity
Haberl et al. (2008): Towards an integrated model of socioeconomic biodiversity drivers, pressures and impacts. A feasibility study based on three European long-term socio-ecological research platforms, in: ScienceDirect
Haberl et al. (2006): From LTER to LTSER: Conceptualizing the Socioeconomic Dimension of Long-term Socioecological Research, in: E&S
Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping
Isak, Skov (2006): Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping - a Model for Public Participation, in: Nature Conservation Management - From Idea to Practical Results
Social Monitoring and Integrated Sustainability Assessment
Kowalski et al. (2004): Extending BRIM to BRIA: Social Monitoring and Integrated Sustainability Assessment, in: Global Environmental and Social Monitoring, UNESCO-MAB
The Decadal Plan for LTER (US LTER)
US LTER (2007): Integrative Science for Society and the Environment: A Plan for Research, Education, and Cyberinfrastructure in the U.S. Long Term Ecological Research Network
LTSER Platform Manager Profile
LTER-Europe (2008): Scientific Coordinator Profile
Criteria for Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research Site Selections
Ohl et al. (2007): Towards an understanding of long-term ecosystem dynamics by merging socio-economic and environmental research criteria for long-term socio-ecological research sites selection, in: ScienceDirect
Conceptualising LTSER
Singh et al. (2007): Conceptualising long-term socio-ecological research (LTSER): Integrating socio-economic dimensions into long-term ecological research, submitted to ALTER-Net Book Project
Technical Documents

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