Standardisation & Technology


  • Providing recommendations for parameters, data quality standards, referenced protocols and suitable technologies for field-based ecosystem research and monitoring at each LTER site. The aim is to achieve basic comparability across, and usability by, the network
  • Tracing technological developments relating to field environmental measurements.
  • Being a forum for European LTER experts in abiotic and biotic monitoring, supporting cutting edge ecological research
  • Identifying appropriate technologies and methodological approaches
  • Assessing available remote sensing and GIS protocols and products for long-term monitoring and cross-domain indicator approaches.


The contact persons are in charge of organising the process and the expert community rather than being "jacks of all trades" by covering all aspects of this topic. 

  • Steffen Zacharias (Technology), Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ (Germany), steffen.zacharias[et]
  • Mark Frenzel (Standardisation), Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ (Germany), mark.frenzel[et]

Activities & outputs

Based on the development and discussions about the conceptual framework for indicator selection within LTER-Europe, we agreed on Ecological Integrity concept and adjusted it to the needs of LTER issues. This work was supported by the Life+ project EnvEurope ( The detailed report about the conceptual framework for LTER-Europe is available as PDF here.

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Parameter selection and their properties

The selection of parameters based on the Ecological Integrity concept and description of their properties relevant for comparison of data is compiled in the database ECOPAR.    

Interactive web tool ECOPAR

Link to ECOPAR - ECOPAR is based on a database of indicators, parameters and corresponding methods for ecosystem monitoring and research. The Ecological Integrity framework enables the assignment of parameters to structures and processes of ecosystems. The ECOPAR database covers the main types of ecosystems: terrestrial, rivers, lakes and marine environments. It is aiming at harmonization of measurements especially in Long Term Ecosystem Research (LTER). However, it provides parameter recommendations for any kind of ecosystem research. ECOPAR is interactive, meaning that you are invited to comment and add information according to your expertise in the comment fields.

The final result are recommendations for the LTER-Europe community about standard LTER indicators and parameters within the framework of Ecological Integrity and how to measure them.

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