LTER-Europe's mission and objectives

The long-term mission of LTER-Europe is:

  • to track and understand the effects of global, regional and local changes on socio-ecological systems and their feedbacks to environment and society.
  • to provide recommendations and support for solving current and future environmental problems.


The main objectives are:

  • to identify drivers of ecosystem change across European environmental and economic gradients
  • to explore relations between these drivers, responses and developmental challenges under the framework of a common research agenda, and referring to harmonised parameters and methods
  • to develop criteria for LTER Sites and LTSER Platforms to support cutting edge science with a unique in-situ infrastructure
  • to improve co-operation and synergy between different actors, interest groups, networks, etc.

LTER-Europe works towards its objectives by providing a framework for project development, conceptual work, education, exchange of know how, communication and institutional integration.

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