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LTSER Platforms feature three functional layers:

  • Physical infrastructure comprising in situ research sites, technical infrastructure, laboratories, monitoring networks, collections, museums, visitor centres, databases etc.
  • Pro-active involvement of the research community on the regional, national and international level and,
  • Integrative management serving as an interface between all above elements. The management should an enable an open communication space and the implementation of trans-disciplinary and participatory approaches.  Research agendas should be adapted to regional and local needs and for the regional population, key stakeholders and decision makers should be involved, all of whom can be seen as beneficiaries of the knowledge produced.

The vision is to set up a European network of LTSER Platforms which represents entire regions in the sense of cultural, land-use, historical, natural, administrational and economic units, comprising all relevant agents.

Example of a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding): LTSER Platform Eisenwurzen (Austria)


Structure LTSER Platforms



The functional layers of LTSER Platforms and exemplary infrastructural elements according to landscape composition (graph: Mirtl et al. 2009).

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