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How to join LTER-Europe

LTER-Europe is not strictly a membership organisation: there is no joining fee, for example. Instead, LTER-Europe is an umbrella organisation, a network of networks. Our 'members' are the LTER networks that operate in different parts of Europe, mostly, national monitoring and research networks.


Q. We are establishing a new LTER network in Europe: how can we become part of LTER-Europe?

A. You should first read the bylaws and policies of LTER-Europe. These will explain the membership criteria. LTER-Europe adheres to the policies of the International Long-Term Ecological Research Network (ILTER). Therefore, you will need to apply for membership of ILTER.

If you think your network is eligible for membership, then get in touch with the Chair or Vice-Chair of LTER-Europe. Their contact details are available on the main contacts page. They will be able to advise you on the steps involved in becoming a member. As well as applying for ILTER membership, the process will typically involve providing certain details about your network (such as information about people and sites), which can be added to this website.

LTER-Europe has grown rapidly in recent years. Becoming a member is not difficult: the process has been designed to ensure that the member networks are those that truly fit the criteria of LTER networks and are capable of working together to provide an integrated European capacity for long-term ecosystem research and monitoring.

To add details of LTER sites to the DEIMS Site and Dataset Registry, please visit the DEIMS-SDR website for contact information and help.


Q. We operate a long-term monitoring site but are not part of a network. what can we do?

A. Contact the site network in your country if one exists. You can find details of existing national networks who are members of LTER-Europe.


Q. I am involved with an LTER-Europe member network: How can I get a login for the website?

A. There is now very little content on the website that requires you to log in. There is still a Members' Area but it is no longer actively used and will probably be removed soon. Therefore, most people in the European LTER community no longer require a user account for the website. If you are looking for information that you cannot access because you are asked to log in, please contact the website manager for assistance.

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