ENVRIplus call for staff exchange

ENVRIplus has launched an Exchange of Personnel (EoP) program to enhance cross-Research infrastructure mobility of involved RI staff.

This program will help with disseminating the know-how of Research Infrastructure (RI) specialists and provide practical hands-on experience on the operation procedures.

A series of cross-domain staff exchange positions will be organized based on two internal open calls launched early in the life of the ENVRIplus project. The exchange will take the form of short stays in the RI, organized either on a unilateral (one person from one RI goes to another RI), bilateral (between two RIs involving one person from each RI), or on trilateral basis (involving three institutes and three staff persons in total). While bilateral and trilateral exchange will be strongly preferred, proposals for unilateral exchange will also be considered.

The principal activity of the exchange personnel during their stay at the RI should aim at cross-fertilization of ideas and experiences of RI staff and promote knowledge transfer of new technologies, best practices, protocols, approaches and policies of RIs instead of data acquisition or fundamental research.

  • Call publication date: February 8, 2016
  • Proposal deadline: March 31, 2016

For details, see the ENVRIplus website.