ExpeER project's Related Sites Group welcomes new members

The Related Site Group of the EU-funded ExpeER project is open to all sites and experts interested in developing well-instrumented experimental and observation sites in Europe.

ExPeER logoThe idea behind the group is to develop links between the ExpeER project members and the wider community of people who manage and develop ecosystem research facilities such as field sites and experimental platforms. The RSG also welcomes experts from outside Europe who together with us can discuss the needs for experimentation platforms and contribute to the development of a network of such sites. The goal is to define the standards, the needs and the know-how and to find relevant funding mechanisms.

If would like to find out more about the Related Sites Group and the ExpeER project, please see the ExpeER website or contact secretariat@ltereurope.net.

Note that you also be interested in joining ExpeER's LinkedIn group. ExpeER is also on Facebook.