Initiative on the Global Network of Genomic Observatories

News of a developing new network of genomic observatories

We propose that a network of genomic observatories should be established to take the planet's 'biological pulse'. We invite participants to assist in the shaping of this network (see Genomic observatories would integrate genomic information with environmental, socio-ecological and other biological data. Sequencing model ecosystems would accelerate ecological understanding.

This idea is gathering momentum and ILTER network encourage all interested LTER members to participate in:

1. A Genomic Observatories session which is planned at the next Genomic Standards Consortium meeting at the BGI in China (March 5-7, 2012). It would be good to have a representative from ILTER. Several GOs people will be there and if anyone is willing to join, can be added to the speaker list/or form a panel. The 3 day meeting is science-driven and will cover megasequencing projects focusing on genomes, interactions (i.e. host-microbes), communities and model systems (i.e. GOs).

BGI website:

GSC website:

2. The first international Genomic Observatories workshop is planned in Oxford, UK the week of Sept 17th 2012 - to be confirmed. If you are interested in attending let know Dawn Field. The formal planning will begin soon and organizers are very open to idea for content and outputs.

If anyone would like to attend either of these meetings and represent ILTER please contact Dawn Field at (cc to Terry Parr).


The link to a note recently published in Nature and explaining the vision of the GO: