International Course: research in the context of LTSER platforms

LTSER platform managers and researcher welcome to the ALTER-Net workshop: Long term socio-ecological research in the context of LTSER platforms: methods, concepts and practical questions

Place and Organiser: Finland, Helsinki, Finnish Environment Institute, SYKE.

Time: June 14 (noon) to 17 (evening), 2011

Objective: to bring together long term socio-ecological research communities of ALTER-Net, LTER Europe to discuss present practical and theoretical issues and future approaches and collaboration.

Programme: includes presentations both practical issues as well as theory and case studies; 3 sessions of group work, excursion (Friday afternoon). Lecturers include among others: Chris Boone (US-LTER), Helmut Haberl (IFF), Taru Peltola (SYKE), Jan Dick (CEH)

Target group: long term socio-ecological research-oriented ALTER-Net researchers, LTSER platform managers and researchers from LTER-Europe, other interested researchers if space.

Participants: applications are welcomed by the target groups. The quota including lecturers and organizers is 50 and will be filled in the order of registration.

Costs: Each participant will cover their own travel and accommodation.

The registration starts by the end of March and will be announced to the ALTER-Net & LTER-Europe communities.