Presenting the eLTER Whole system Approach for In-situ & Long-term environmental System research on life (WAILS) at EGU

Triggered by the challenge to streamline the ecosystem, critical zone and socio-ecological research infrastructure at the Pan-European level in close collaboration with other ongoing European environmental RIs like ICOS and LifeWatch, the eLTER Research Infrastructure (RI) strives for a Whole system Approach for In-situ & Long-term environmental System research on Life supporting Systems (WAILS), combining human-environment interactions at a given scale, cross-scale interactions and feed-back loops across scales.
Fostering ideas and research on WAILS, eLTER offered a session during the vEGU2021 with the title “Whole system approaches in addressing processes and long-term changes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems”. The aim was to bring together scientists from different fields that performed research at sites and platforms implementing a whole system approach, with emphasis on long-term changes and responses of ecosystem and socio-ecological processes to environmental drivers, as well as ecosystem-scale experiments (mesocosms) and observations scaling up from sites to larger regions up to the continental level.
Twelve studies presented their research whose backgrounds covered i) Synergies between Research Infrastructures and their representativeness, ii) the structuring, integration and visualisation of Research Infrastructures and also iii) specific field studies from Research Infrastructures. The first round of pitch presentations was followed by a vivid discussion round with the authors and the conveners. The interaction of researchers available throughout EGU will allow for an improved implementation of the eLTER Research Infrastructure and their tailored services to the scientific community.

Ulf Mallast (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ)