Work Packages

Overview of the main project Work Packages
1 Synthesis of grand societal and research challenges relevant for ecosystem Research Infrastructures (RI) development TUC
2 Towards a Fully Integrated, Interoperable Ecosystem Research Infrastructure Pool FZJ
3 Requirements and conceptual framework for data integration and the eLTER data infrastructure EAA
4 Technological Innovation and Parameter Harmonization UFZ
5 Stakeholder interaction and communication CEH
6 Mobility, training and building the culture of access to infrastructures CNR
7 Transnational Access Supervision EAA
8 Central IT Service Components UNS
9 Improving and testing integrated information services for abiotic drivers and ecosystem/biodiversity response SYKE
10 Audit and enhancement of LTSER Platform services for problem-solving research in socio-ecological systems SLU


In addition, there are additional work packages relating to our in-person transnational access (TA) scheme and virtual access (VA) to data