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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

Miscellaneous files

Miscellaneous files that do not fit neatly into another subfolder in the Document Archive
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I3041v03 - Representativeness of sites across Europe
Presentation of Marc Metzger at the LTER-Europe Conference in Sevilla
LTER InfoBase - Quick User Guide
A simple guide to getting started with LTER InfoBase
Manuals for eMoris and InfoBase; installation files and data base for InfoBase
Information Management
Files belonging to the Expert Panel on Information Management
Quick user guide for creating boundary files in Google Earth (WGS84)
LTER Networks map
overview maps for the national LTER Networks
LTER Sites Shapefiles
archive for the shapefiles and the description of the LTER sites and LTSER platforms
Memorandum of Understanding - LTSER Eisenwurzen
ILTER R&D call 2016: Details
Details of the ILTER Research & Development call, 2016
ILTER R&D call 2016: Application form (1st stage)
Application form (1st stage) for the ILTER 2016 Research & Development call
Audio of how to pronounce 'eLTER RI'
Details of the SAEON/ARU Chair in montane research
Details of the SAEON/ARU Chair in montane research
eLTER in numbers video - widescreen
eLTER in numbers video - widescreen