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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

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Quick user guide for creating boundary files in Google Earth (WGS84)
Memorandum of Understanding - LTSER Eisenwurzen
LTER InfoBase Excel Input 2010-03-11
Data input based on MS Excel - data can be imported to the LTER InfoBase database
LTER InfoBase - Quick User Guide
A simple guide to getting started with LTER InfoBase
LTER Europe Shape - 2012-06-13
shape file with the centre location of the sites as provided by the site managers. the locations are provided as geographic coordinates (WGS84)
LTER Europe Database - 2012-06-13
content of the LTER Europe Factsheets provided by the site coordinators as a Microsoft Access Database. The zip-file contains the database as well as a description of the data model.
LTER EU Shapes (Point) - 2012-06-13
Locations (center points) of the LTER Europe Sites and Platforms provided as shapefile. Geographic Coordinate System: GCS_WGS_1984 Datum: D_WGS_1984 Prime Meridian: Greenwich Angular Unit: Degree
InfoBase Program
Zipped installation file for version 1.3.1
InfoBase Handbook
How to use the metadata entering tool InfoBase (installation, managing data)
InfoBase Field description
Meta data fields and structure of the tables (version 2010-05-26)
InfoBase Field description
Meta data fields and structure of the tables
InfoBase Data 2010-03-11
InfoBase Database File - Status 2010-03-11 (sorting of fields was changed to the version 2010-02-15)
InfoBase Data (2010-05-26)
InfoBase Data version 2010-05-26
InfoBase Data
InfoBase Data file version 2010-02-25
InfoBase Data
Zipped most recent data base file
InfoBase 2010-05-21
InfoBase Data file version 2010-05-21; correction of the EnvZone error
ILTER R&D call 2016: Details
Details of the ILTER Research & Development call, 2016
ILTER R&D call 2016: Application form (1st stage)
Application form (1st stage) for the ILTER 2016 Research & Development call
I3041v03 - Representativeness of sites across Europe
Presentation of Marc Metzger at the LTER-Europe Conference in Sevilla
Expert Panel Information Management (Poster)
Poster about the EP on Information Management from the All Scientist Meeting in Colorado 09/2009. Participants Helena Karasti & David Blankman.